About Us

Our story begins with a simple question: Who is "Le Garçon"? 

About Us

Le Garcon was built with the idea of exemplifying the balance between accessibility, sophistication, and sensibility. By gracing modern science with a suave gentleman’s touch, our aim is to revolutionize men’s care. Our founders have over two decades of experience in crafting premium, high quality body and hair products. Throughout the years we have consistently evolved and adapted to the trends and expectations of our customers. Still, as we pave our way forward, our passion and commitment to what we do remains as strong was it was on day one.

Our Vision

Artless: without guile or deception; without effort or pretentiousness

Our goal with Le Garcon is to become the cornerstone of suave, artlessness and science - where style and ethics meet understanding and ingenuity. In order to achieve that goal, we are committed to creating high quality products to allow any man to become the greatest version of himself.

Innovation & Craftsmanship

In our pursuit of innovation, we prioritize clean and purposeful ingredients to elevate men’s day to day living. Each product is meticulously crafted harnessing the latest technology to create uncomplicated but effective skincare and grooming routines for the modern man.

We look forward to seeing how you use our products, and we sincerely appreciate your business.

-The Le Garçon Collective